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Development of modern transport systems should include specific needs of disabled people. Guidelines for their construction include special facilitations most of all regarding people with impaired limb movement. For these people important elements of a transport system are: architecture, transport infrastructure, appropriately adapted public and individual means of transport. Wheelchair with special abilities is also an important element of these systems. Development of automobile industry and associated with it dramatic growth of number of accidents as well as civilization related diseases results in an increase in number of people with impaired limb movement. At the same time, nevertheless transport infrastructure is all the time being modernized, there are still plenty obstacles disabled people have to overcome in buildings, on pavements etc. Electric wheelchair with stair climbing ability is an answer to the needs of described above disabled people.

         Although there are many electric wheelchair designs available on market, only few provide special mechanisms allowing easier overcoming of obstacles. Also, there are only several works describing simulation methods for design and analysis of electric wheelchairs and their ergonomics.

         In the Eco-Mobility project a prototype of electric wheelchair with stair-climbing ability will be constructed with use of various simulation techniques applied in order to optimize the design from different points of interest: energetic, weight etc. Technological solutions as well as control systems used in the designed wheelchair will be brand new and competitive to the world-known solutions.